Centrifugal & Sand Casting

First In Non-Ferrous

Tallman Technologies designs and manufactures a variety of sand and centrifugal castings in a wide range of copper and copper-based alloys including the aluminum, manganese, leaded-tin, and tin bronzes. Special alloys such as high conductivity copper and chrome copper are also cast on a regular basis. Additionally, we specialize in the production of non-commercial alloys which are made to the customer’s individual material specifications.

Tallman Technologies brings over a century of experience to every casting we manufacture. Our company is large enough to handle the most challenging projects, yet small enough to ensure personalized service and rigorous quality control at all times.

Centrifugal Casting Capabilities


Tallman Technologies produces vertical centrifugal casting in sizes up to 54” in Diameter and up to 24” in length. Tallman is capable of casting near net shape centrifugal castings, non symmetrical centrifugal castings, and semi solid and solid centrifugal cast parts up to 2,000 pounds.


Tallman Technologies has 3, 4, 5, and 6 axis CNC machining capability along with a full array of manual machine tools. Castings can be supplied either rough machined – leaving sufficient allowance for finishing – or finished machined complete to customer specifications.


Tallman Technologies produces the full range of standard Copper-Based Alloys including high conductivity coppers, high nickel alloys, leaded tin, aluminum and manganese alloys. Tallman also centrifugally casts selected Aluminum Alloys. We have metallurgists on staff to customize alloys to meet your specific requirements.


Tallman Technologies products include:

Worm Gears Gear blanks Turbine Ring Seals
Bearings/Sleeves Bushings Flanged Bushings
Split Bushings Wear Rings Collector Rings
Resistance/End Rings Thrust Washer Hookliners
Hydraulic Cylinders Stern Tube Seals Slippers
Guides Wear Plates Wedges
Billet Molds BOF/EAF Lance Tips Valve Parts
Pump Parts Glass/Ceramic Molds etc.


Tallman Technologies can provide full design services including, modeling, CFD (Computation Fluid Dynamic) and other simulations. Tallman Bronze specializes in welding of dissimilar metals and has complete welding, fabricating and assembly facilities to complement our Centrifugal and Sand Casting Foundry.


Grain Refinement
Port erosion is affected by the grain size of the copper. A smaller grain size in the copper lance tip will assist in minimizing the rate of port erosion. The figure below illustrates the difference between Tallman Bronze’s fine grain copper and standard coarse grain sand cast copper. Tallman Bronze’s fine grain copper is produced by a proprietary process that does not significantly reduce the thermal conductivity of the copper.

Differences with Tallman fine grain copper and coarse grain

Comparison of the unrefined grain structure typical of a sand casting on the right and a Tallman Bronze proprietary refined grain structure, on the left.

Copper oxides are concentrated along the grain boundaries. These oxides when exposed to high concentrations of oxygen at elevated temperatures, which occur when a lance tip is underblown, will react with the oxygen and cause cracks to form and propagate along the grain boundaries. A coarse grain structure that is typical of a sand cast lance tip has less grain boundary area per square mm and thus has a higher concentration of copper oxides along the grain boundaries. This coarse grain structure leads to more severe cracking and a faster rate of crack propagation. A finer grain structure that is typical of a centrifugal or forged lance tip impedes crack propagation because of the number (density) and shape of the grains.